Cutting the Cord

After much deliberation, we got rid of cable. We are now the proud owners of a TV antenna that returns five channels.

It felt liberating and absurd, twisting the antennae around and stepping back to assess the reception. But now it feels like we’ve struck a blow for simplicity.

At the height of my media gluttony, my roommates and I enjoyed hundreds of channels along with TiVo and the DirecTV all-season sports pass. Now Renate and I convince ourselves that the fuzz onscreen during “How I Met Your Mother” isn’t all that noticeable. I love it.

Ditching cable is step one. Next we’ll combine our cell phone plans and cancel long distance on the landline. Annual savings: a respectable $720.

But now I’ve got the itch, and I think it’s making Renate nervous (although she would throw out the dishwasher if it weren’t bolted to the floor). I’m still hankering to ditch the cell phone altogether, but I’m too chicken. I see myself sprawled on the side of a lonely highway, lost, hungry and repentant. “If… I’d… only kept… the cell phone…” I gasp with my last breath beneath the heartless stars.

Maybe I’ll go through the closet instead.

7 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord

  1. Nicola

    Now you guys can dedicate all that ‘extra’ time to kicking butt on the fitness challenge or making spectactular Christmas crafts.


  2. Drew

    Matty, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry today. I have to be strong. BE STRONG!

    Nicola – today I ran 4 flights of stairs to catch the El. I’m counting it, because that’s all there is.


  3. Jason

    What’s great about the fuzz on the screen is you no longer have to argue about what to watch. just turn on the tele and imagine you are watching what you want, maybe its football, maybe its the lifetime movie of the week. who can tell.. eventually you will find your face two inches from the screen totally convinced that that one cluster of color just pulled off an amazing play and all is well in a tv wonderland of snow.


  4. Weeks

    But Drew, without cable, you won’t get FX, which means you can no longer watch your favorite show: The Shield… Don’t worry, I’ll record them for you so you will be able to watch each episode as many times as you like


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