American University Puts on its Dancing Shoes

AU 52, Colgate 46

Oh my. Does this mean people outside of the DC/New Jersey corridor will actually know where my alma mater is?

“Wait, they won?” came the response from one friend after I sent a celebratory text message following the game.

That reply sums up the past eight years, when American has flirted with a bid three times only to poop out at the last second. Now that they’ve made it, I’m reminded of Boston after the Red Sox won the World Series; what’s left to complain about? Facing Memphis?

LOOK OUT #1 SEED MEMPHIS #2 SEED TENNESSEE — here comes a team of juniors, minus their star forward, from a school that has never been to the NCAA tournament.


Who do I pick in my bracket? Holy cow, I have a chance to circle American in a NCAA bracket.

2 thoughts on “American University Puts on its Dancing Shoes

  1. Dad

    You can circle the name, but don’t put your money with it.
    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Say, do you have any idea who might have sent me 10 lbs. of kitty litter? It was marked “a friend”. I don’t have a cat.


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