12 Days of Ideas: Building & Marketing Web Products

I read dozens of posts, tweets and interviews every week, but only one or two will stop me in my tracks and change the way I work.

This series delves into 12 ideas from 2013 that can have a big impact on anyone building web products and companies. Many of these will cut across professions as well. These aren’t new ideas, and several didn’t originate with the people I credit here. That’s okay; the idea is the idea! And good ideas should spread.

I’m enormously grateful to Krista Seidl for illustrating this series, and to Sandy Weisz for editing it.

I hope you find something new or validating in here. Thanks for reading!

12 Days of Ideas


Author: Drew

Husband & Dad x3. Designer on the www. Donut + doughnut hound. Amateur gardener. Cat wrangler. Writing when I can, reading when I can't.

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