No One Owns UX. Everyone Owns UX.

I returned from a UX conference a few years back resisting the urge to change my title to UX designer — but also wondering why I shouldn’t. Someone has to drive the effort, right? Someone has to own it.

Everyone owns UX.

Each piece of the development puzzle seeks to improve the user’s experience.

The order in which feature requests are prioritized impact the user’s experience.

We write requirements to paint a clear picture of an improved user experience.

We run through a few rounds of design mockups, and we evaluate the speed at which the code finally operates, as well as the error handling created by the development team, to improve the user’s experience.

As a designer, I’ve learned that my role is not to solve problems, but to help facilitate their solving. While I am the first to form a tactical approach based on a set of requirements, I don’t own the solution — I contribute to it. Our team is humming when a developer and I work side by side to bring a concept to life; we poke, prod, step back, evaluate, nod, frown, reassess, brainstorm, and begin again.

A subtle yet critical shift routinely occurs between the mockup and the markup. I like to get to the markup quickly because that lets us fail quickly. Said another way, we can quickly see if we’ve succeeded.

We can see if we’ve succeeded.

No one owns UX; everyone owns UX.


Author: Drew

Husband & Dad x3. Designer on the www. Donut + doughnut hound. Amateur gardener. Cat wrangler. Writing when I can, reading when I can't.

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